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My interest in jewellery began with my childhood fondness for bracelets and necklaces. But my love of jewellery remained at the stage of admiration until much later, when I became interested in the how-to of jewellery. I soon found myself a dedicated student of production ateliers, and was eventually drawn to designing jewellery, tempted by the endless possibilities the prospect offered. Consequently I now try to share through my designs the appearance of  colours, shapes, and textures perceived through the sieve of my childhood memories and adult experiences.

I use mostly traditional materials and techniques in my designs. However, I often try to incorporate non-traditional materials and techniques, experimenting with various combinations.

I realise, of course, that whatever the starting point of a design of mine is—whether a concept or a form—when it becomes a concrete object, it is the wearer that decides what it is, not me. Still, I am filled with joy by the thought that there could be a moment of coincidence between the memories a completed piece of mine evokes in a beholder and the perceptions that led me to design it...

Leyla Taranto